Food for Your Soul and Your Yin brought by 4 friends that carries the natural progression of their culinary experience, to share with everyone they can possibly share it with, one neighborhood.

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Soul Stix

This will surely blanche one's inner soul with prawns wrapped around a spicy hot link.

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Mac' N Roll

Do you Like Eggrolls and Mac N Cheese? We combined them together for you!

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Mama's Fried Chicken

Fresh, great tasting Mama's fried chicken. Soulnese takes chicken seriously making you want to ask for more.

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Garlic Fries

Soulnese Garlic Fries with fried tender pork strips.

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The Making of Soulnese

Two Brothers and Two “Brothers”. One vision.

Brother Jin and Brother Juice both have extensive success in the restaurant business. Both learning the culinary expertise from their mother, deeply rooted from Chinese tradition, passed on from generations before her. The menu items at their brick and mortar restaurants exude this savory past.

Brother Yin and Brother Yang from another mother, respectively raised in classic neo-soul and Filipino heritage, with a fine appreciation of all things food. 

All 4, raised in the same neighborhood of north valley San Jose, a melting pot of melting pots, attending high school together, and growing up surrounded by each others family and friends’ cuisine.

Enter Soulnese to the food truck revolution. A vision by these 4 friends that carries the natural progression of their culinary experience, to share with everyone they can possibly share it with, one neighborhood.


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